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Join us Thursday, 4 February on SOCTV as I will be interviewed on becoming an Executive, REALationship marketing, steps to success and the power of appreciation. If you missed it, look under the archives on your SOC site. Don’t have a SOC site yet? Contact me at Gail@BizBuilderCards.com to get your own site.

REALationship marketing started out as a typo. Yep, I found I had mis-typed the word relationship at least 3 times. Of course one of the times happened to be on a postcard printing of several hundred postcards. I realized it was a subliminal sign and that’s when I coined the term and made it official. (AND, I didn’t have to trash all those postcards – the old lemon and lemon aide trick.)

REALationship marketing is when you focus on the real relationships in the equation of relationship marketing. Most business-owners are focused on the marketing. When you focus on others and what you can give to them to improve their life, or help them build STEEM, (Save Time, Energy, Effort and Money) instead of what you can get them to do, or what you can get from them; the entire energy is shifted.

Shift your energy in your business and in your marketing to a “give to” versus a “get from” attitude and things will start to shift for you. We all need to become generous givers as well as excellent receivers. You can’t have one without the other, so one is not better than the other – just opposite sides of the same coin. Practice being an excellent receiver and a gracious giver and the next time you are doing a marketing piece, review it for REALationship purposes. Does it attract what you want to attract, are you adding value, are you offering something to make other’s lives better? Remember that everybody is tuned in to the station WIIFM – ‘what’s in it for me’.

Join us as myself and other Executives and Senior Executives are interviewed about our steps to success on SOCTV. To find out more about how to tune in to SOCTV, send me an email Gail@GailHahn.com

To Your FUNomenal Success!

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