February 18, 2010 | Posted in: Leading Hartfully, Wealthy Woman

REALationship Marketing is focusing on the REAL relationship in the equation rather than on the marketing part. Putting people first and things second with the philosophy that appreciation wins over self promotion every single time. When you truly take care of people then they will take care of the bottom line, whether it be your internal customers (colleagues) or your external customers (clients). We will cover the insider secrets to winning the game of relationship marketing in this quick, hard-hitting, content-filled teleclas.

We will cover practical, proven, simple, successful strategies you can implement immediately to grow your network and your net worth by practicing REALationship marketing. If you are tired of the usual marketing techniques, suffering from a slump in repeat business or new business, or just ready for something new and exciting to get your creative juices flowing, then this session is for you. By attending this teleclass, you will learn the insider’s secrets to what some have called a crusade and others deemed the humanitarian way of marketing. Come learn what has been the missing piece in your marketing plan… until now. You will be given the secret weapon to win the game of relationship marketing and blow your competition off the playing field.

If you use these strategies every day for 90 days, I know you will see positive results.

Learning Points & Benefits:
1. How to have your customers love you even more than they do and keep them coming back
2. Scary business statistics on why your current marketing or the spray and pray method is a waste of time and money
3. How to create the top 3 critical things you need to make a sale and cultivate repeat sales
4. How to easily get your customers to refer you
5. How to have a competitive advantage over 97% of your competitors using direct mail that your target market will read
6. How to monetize your marketing and get results – the power of connection
7. How to expand your business growth exponentially while saving time, energy, effort and money and cloning yourself (sort of)
8. How to make a living through giving using the vehicle for the Law of Attraction
9. How to never be in the doghouse again for forgetting a birthday or anniversary
10. Get some free bonus gifts just for attending that can be priceless for you

This teleclass hosted in Pacific time, 5:30pm on Tuesday, 23 February at 218-339-7777, pin 766-8800# by International Professional Speaker, Author and SOC Executive Gail Hahn, MA, CSP, CLL. Gail has been a successful entrepreneur with several businesses for over 13 years and is featured in 12 International Who’s Who business professionals directories for her contribution to the business world. She is one of less than 500 Professional Speakers in the world earning the Certified Speaking Professional designation and one of less than 100 Executives with the Send Out Cards Corporation. She is also the CEO, Chief Energizing Officer of www.Funcilitators.com and facilitates retreats, VIP programs and teleclasses to energize entrepreneurs, execs, employees and organizations. See her blog at www.GailHahn.com.

Join us while we pull back the curtain and reveal how to win the game of REALationship Marketing using genuine thoughts, actions, feeling and words over sales pitches to attract the right people into your life and your business. We’re getting real with relationship marketing and showing you exactly how you can turbo-charge your marketing while focusing more on the relationship than marketing. Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you on the call and giving away extra super special bonuses to those who choose to attend and take their business and their life to the next level.

If you have questions about this event – email me at Gail@GailHahn.com. Test drive a unique system for connecting with your customers at www.BizBuilderCards.com  and send some cards on me to see how it works. I’ll bet you hear from the customers to whom you’ve sent a heart-ful card. I double-dog dare you. 🙂

Check out this video on how receiving a heartful card affects others. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQqtVobx1oI&list=PLtUVv9eXCdIKmF4MMCOVMBuzeZ1nrrUQF

As the CEO (Chief Energizing Officer) at Hartful Living including GaiaHart.com and BizBuilderCards.com; I’m a Messenger and Mentor for women entrepreneurs, connecting them to their capacity to energize their work and their lives in the art of living Hartfully. At BizBuilderCards.com, you can make a living through giving with greeting cards and gifts to build your network net worth as an additive to your current business or an easy way to send gratitude and kindness to the world.