September 4, 2016 | Posted in: Leading Hartfully

After spending a few decades studying employee recognition, resilience, workplace culture, personal energy and organizational moral. I’ve compiled some fun facts on the issues and top reasons for turnover:

  • give meaningless raises
  • give insincere thank you’s
  • throw them into jobs without training or qualifications
  • allow a disorganized, dirty workplace
  • freak out by visits from authority
  • my way or the highway – because I’m the boss
  • overlook unacceptable behavior – inconsistent discipline
  • ignore opinions and ideas from staff
  • lack of feedback
  • micromanage


  • and…… drum roll please……. ugly uniforms (who knew?!)


  • A Fast Company magazine reader poll asked for the wish list of their subscribers and questioned whether they would prefer dollars or downtime as a reward for a job well done. 61% said they would give up some of their pay for more time with their family. 39% said they would give up some pay for less stress. 59% of men said that given an extra hour, they would spend it with their family. 6% said they would spend the extra hour on work.


  • In another Fast Company reader poll: 10% of Americans say stress-induced physical violence has occurred in their workplace. 42% have experienced yelling and verbal abuse in their workplace. 52% sometimes have to work more than 12 hours a day to get their job done. 26% say it’s time for their employer to redecorate. So if you’re spending so much time at work and getting yelled at to do it – you may as well be in a nice environment for most of those hours. The civility of colleagues sometimes goes out the door when placed under stress. When things get heated, be aware of the humanity in the workplace and consciously try to keep it in the workplace for everybody’s sake.


  • Stress costs US industry over $150 billion yearly.  Stress-related products and services are a $9.4 billion industry. (The GDP of El Salvador is only $11.4 billion.)


  • Gallup interviewed two million workers at 700 companies and their conclusion was “The length of an employee’s stay in an organization is largely determined by his relationship with his immediate supervisor.”  This translates to people leaving managers, and not leaving companies.  What are you doing to pump up your managerial and people skills in order to retain your top talent?
  • Some questions to ask your team in order to gain some insight into their most important issues and engage them in meaningful conversations:
    • What is the one thing I could do better for you?
    • If you were CEO for the day – what would you change to improve the quality of life here?
    • What motivates you?
    • How would you like to be recognized when you do good work?
    • What would a good job look like?

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