Starting Your Business on the High C’s

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There are lots of things to think about before you decide to jump into the deep waters of business ownership. It can be extremely fulfilling or excruciatingly frustrating depending on how you prepare for it, how you embrace it, how your personal style fits the ambiguity of it, and how well it fits into your life purpose, your calling of how you express your gifts and talents to the world. If the only reason you’re going into business is to make a profit, then stop right now and rethink your reasoning.

 Corporate Structure: I was recently reading about the Deloitte Millennial survey of the cohort born between 1980 and 2000 and how 70% of them want to someday be working independently. What a change from the generations before them. They also want their businesses to be more socially conscious and give back to the community. Their civic mindedness has birthed a new business entity called Low Profit LLC which is a combination of the For Profit LLC and the Non-Profit. This new business entity makes some profit to remain solvent, but gives much of it back to the world for just causes and social activism. How cool is that?  What type of corporate structure is best for your needs? Do you want to work from home, from anywhere, from a different location than where you live? Do you want employees or joint venture partners or contractors? Do you want simple or more complex? What type of corporate structure with their tax advantages would best suit your needs? Which brings us to the next of several of our High C’s of starting a business.

 Clarity about your Calling and Conscious Choices:  This is a “three-fer” combing your Calling and your Clarity around how you will consciously build your business at the intersection of your Calling and what the Community needs. Know WHY you’re going into business – find your Why that makes you cry and you can find your way. What are your personal and professional goals for the business and your life because your business IS your life when you own your own company. It becomes part of you – so make sure you like that part of you. Narrow your focus on what you do best and what is in alignment with your calling. Make a conscious choice about what type of business and how you can best use your talents in service to others. This is about using your God-given gifts for the benefit of humanity, not about making a buck. If it’s about merely making a buck, the bucks come and the bucks go just as easily. When you’re on purpose with your business, it tends to stick around much longer. What are your consciously creating? Be very, very clear on what order you want to put forth to the Universe and get specific on what you want to serve, how you want to serve and who you want to serve and WHY.

Community: This one is multi-faceted. Community as in where you decide to put down your roots geographically. Community as in what type of professional communities do you associate with and in what type of community do you want to become an expert? Also what type of community do you want to serve? Do you want to serve millionaires or those who are living in poverty? Do you want to work in the children’s or adult community?  Do you want to work virtually, globally or locally? Decide who and how you want to serve.

Cushion:  Having a financial cushion of at least one year of living expenses in the bank (not a line of credit on credit cards, not a home equity line of credit – we know what happened to those in 2008, and not money tied up in other non-liquid accounts). Having the peace of mind to make choices based on ethical decisions, sound logic and decisions based on positive energy and the path forward in alignment with your vision versus fear that the money will run out is the choice you want to make.

Create Connections: Join business networking groups, the chamber of commerce, do trade shows, and connect with people outside your normal circle to expand your network and your net worth. Stay in touch and be the one to connect others together. Be the resource for connecting at all levels and you will find others seeking you out for your contact list. As the Author and Envelope Entrepreneur Harvey MacKay writes: “dig your well before you’re thirsty”. Stay connected and create connections for the benefit of all and it will serve you well. I’ve found an amazing way to stay connected on a personal as well as a professional level while expressing my creativity in creating custom greeting cards and gifts. It also just happens to be an additional profit center as I send out positive vibes – getting paid to be nice to people. Now that’s what I call a win-win-win. Check it out and send some cards on me at I’ll pay for the first few cards and postage to anywhere in the world. I’m hooked on creating kindness and gratitude to expand the positive vibrations in the world. Try it for yourself and see how you feel. I’ve also found a community of card senders and have enjoyed sharing stories with them on the impact of sending a little piece of cardboard with heartfelt thoughts.

Just like diamonds have their C’s for clarity, cut, carrots etc – I hope you consider the High C’s before starting or growing your business. Maybe you need to regroup a bit or started off on the wrong foot. There is always tomorrow to get it right and consider your High C’s before taking another step in the right direction. Growing your business on the High C’s will get you started in a positive way. All the best to you sailing the High C’s!

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Are You in Your Right Livlihood?

March 29, 2011 | Posted in Leading Hartfully, Living Hartfully, Wealthy Woman | By

Networking with business owners and professionals over the past couple months raised some questions about who is working in their right livlihood and who is not. Being a customer in any retail establishment or restaurant,you can almost sense who is in alignment with their right livlihood as sales people or servers. You know how they greet you and their demeanor if they like being there or if they’re just passing the time until they can clock out.

Think of Susan Boyle, the singer who was afraid to show her talent and kept her light hidden until she had the courage to sing in a competition and is now one of the top sellign artists of all time and performing for royalty. Who wudda thunk? What if she never had the courage to listen to her heart? What about you? Do you have the courage to find out your true path? Learn more on a personal consult with me and my business partner or ask for a recording of our telecourse Cracking the Code to Your Calling.

There are so many workers out there who are just passing the time, letting their lives pass by without investigating what it is they really want to do. Or what their soul purpose is in this lifetime. It’s a very easy thing to decode once you know the formula for unscrambling the GPS you hold in your own hands. Your personal GPS, your Greater Purpose System is encoded into your fingerprints before you were born. There is a scientific method of decoding your prints, which are unique to you, and figure out your life purpose, your life lesson and what ‘school’ you’re in for this lifetime. You’re given everything you need to know for following your right path and living your right livlihood. You just need to decode the message. Listen to a free 30-minute teleclass on the 4 different schools of life purpose by sending an email to and ask for the link.

If you’ve been floundering, wandering about, not knowing if you have a purpose, feeling dull, without passion or fulfillment in your work; then we need to connect. My team and I will be your guides to crack the code to your life purpose, the life lesson that keeps holding you back and showing up and the life school whose curriculum you’re here to learn. Once you know your school, your lesson and your purpose, the rest is easy to figure out. All kinds of variations in your school and purpose can be explored. You’re given the right path to your right livlihood and the experts to help you figure out how you want to travel on your path.

After a 45-minute life purpose analysis of your fingerprints, you’re given your life school, life purpose and life lesson. Afterwhich you’re given a decoder document explaining it all. Then you get another 45-minute session with a personal life purpose coach to help you strategize implementation. All this for under $300 as our gift to you with a savings of $200 off the usual investment.

What is knowing your life purpose worth to you? How much of your life are you willing to spend out of connection with your divine purpose? How many unfulfilled days are you willing to give to somebody else in exchange for a paycheck? If you’re fed up and not going to take it any more, or if you’re just curious if you’re already on the right track to the right livlihood, then send me and email  at to set up a free pre-coaching call to see if it’s the right fit for you. What have you got to lose, but your the rest of your life?

Looking forward to hearing from you and helping you find your light and your right livlihood to enrich the world and yourself.

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Are You in Alignment?

January 13, 2011 | Posted in Leading Hartfully, Living Hartfully, Wealthy Woman | By

Just as your car needs adjustments and realignment when you start feeling vibrations, hearing creaks, feeling rattled as you roll down the highway; so does your body and your life.

You know the feeling of being out of sorts, creaky, cranky, sluggish and slightly out of balance. There are some quick fixes and then there are some root cause interventions. One of my favorite quick fixes is spa time, massage and a chiropractic re-adjustment. It’s incredible how the knots build up and they won’t go away. They need to be worked out or else your body binds up, tightens up and you feel lousy.

Putting your life back into alignment, or getting it there in the first place takes more work, it’s a journey and not a quick fix. One of the main ways to get and stay in alignment is to know how you should be aligned in the first place – with your life purpose, your calling. When we’re doing the work we were put on Earth to do, we’re more in flow and it comes easier. We have clarity and more ease than dis-ease. We’re healthier and less fearful. We just know.

When we’re doing God’s work that we’re supposed to be doing, we have all we need to get it done. We wouldn’t be put here to do a job and not be provided the tools to do it. Cracking the code to your calling just got much easier. It’s scientific. It’s in your hands. It’s in your fingerprints and everybody has their own purpose because everybody has their own unique set of fingerprints.

If you’ve been wondering about what you’re supposed to be when you grow up and how to get re-aligned so you’re doing the right work, your heart work; then contact me for a copy of the preview call

Join me and Margaret Shebalin as we discuss how your life’s work can unfold in the palm of your hand as you discover your life school, your life lesson, what could be holding you back and what the heck you’re supposed to be doing this time around. We’ll be offering a special bonus for our listeners – so stay tuned on how you can claim your spot in Cracking the Code to Your Life Purpose. See you there!

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You Know You’re Not Living Your Life Purpose When…

January 11, 2011 | Posted in Leading Hartfully, Living Hartfully | By

After working with many entrepreneurs, employees and others out of alignment with their life purpose and having experienced it myself from time to time; I decided to share in the Jeff Foxworthy fashion, how you know if you’re not in sync with your calling.

  1. You’re tired all the time event when you get enough sleep
  2. Waking up is hard to do – you hit the snooze button a few too many times
  3. You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’ – not in the mood for that or anything – you’re just blah, flat lined
  4. You or your friends notice your vocal tone has flat lined – there’s no excitement or optimism in it
  5. You don’t feel excited about life or you’re not optimistic about the future
  6. You can’t wait to leave your job each day and get home or can’t wait for the weekend
  7. You collect stuff, have too much stuff or spend too much money on stuff to fill the emptiness inside you
  8. You eat or drink too much, stuff your face with too much stuff to again fill the empty hole inside
  9. You take too many vacations to get away – nothing wrong with vacations, I’m a big fan of them – it’s all in the mindset of wanting to go someplace, explore, recharge, refresh or are you running away to escape from your life or are you getting away to add to your life – are you hiding out or living large?
  10. You hear the words “this is stupid”, “This is insane”, “They should do….” coming out of your mouth way too often
  11. You catch yourself citing all the ways your boss or your organization “should” be doing their work
  12. You are shoulding way too much on yourself and others in your personal or professional life
  13. You’re not making the income you so richly deserve and desire
  14. You feel like somebody or something is holding you back – you could be more, achieve more, do more
  15. You’re mentally and emotionally exhausted all the time – your work doesn’t charge you up, it drains you
  16. You dread Mondays or whatever day of the week is your Monday – you have lower energy on Monday than on Friday
  17. You keep wishing something would happen in your life to make you happy
  18. You’ve been ‘retired’ on the job for the past umpteen years, but you keep showing up for work each day
  19. You just clock in and clock out – you’re physically at work, but mentally you’ve checked out – you only do what they ask of you and not one thing more
  20. You’ve lost the fun in your life and your sense of humor is waning
  21. You’re more of a spectator in life rather than a participant
  22. You’re living in the future too much and not experiencing this moment right now
  23. You feel like you’ve got something to contribute, but not sure what, why or how
  24. You’re feeling stuck and don’t know how to get out or move forward
  25. You lack initiative and drive to do better or do more or serve more
  26. You look forward to your 10-minute break or you live for your lunch hour and quitting time
  27. You wait until you leave your job to lead your life
  28. You only do your job for the paycheck and the money is your only reward
  29. You wear a uniform or a nametag and hate it
  30. You wear an embarrassing costume and you’re not on stage as a performer
  31. You’re constantly being told what to do by incompetent people or somebody in high school as your boss
  32. You’re not working with people you like, trust, are proud to be around
  33. You’re not feeling proud of what you do for a living or taking pride in yourself, your image, your life
  34. You’re not happy and you’re not sure how to fix it or where to turn
  35. You know you need help to get your act together and are too fearful to quit your job or make a change or ask for help

So there you have the tip of the iceberg for starters. If you recognized yourself in any of those scenarios, then you may not be working in alignment with your life purpose. And if you have no idea of what your life purpose is, then you’re in the right place. My colleague Margaret and I have put together an overview in our free teleclass on how to crack the code to your calling. It’s all in your personal DNA – we just help you see it and show you how to use it to your benefit and the benefit of the world.

Contact me for the link to the call Cracking the Code to Your Calling – learning your life purpose.

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Do You Inspire Your Clients – Are You an Inspired Entrepreneur or Exec?

July 9, 2010 | Posted in Leading Hartfully, Living Hartfully | By

Are you inspired by your work? Are you inspired by how you serve your clients? If not, why not? Inspiration is different than motivation. Both come from within with the energy and feeling of spirit inside. Inspiration spreads outward, so if your work isn’t inspiring to you, there’s no way others would pay to work with you or want to be around you. If you don’t give a hoot, then neither do your clients or colleagues. You’re just marking time and time is our life energy. So you’re just wasting your life if you’re not doing something that inspires you towards a greater good.

I hear from so many clients that they’re not liking their work, but don’t know what’s wrong. I would ask that you compartmentalize your work into segments dealing with who you’re serving, how you’re serving them, who you may be working for (your boss, organization, yourself), what you’re serving, what the big picture and outcome is of your product or service.

Sometimes pinpointing that you love your mission, but don’t like the distribution channel, or you love the actual work, but not the person you’re working for or the location, or the population you’re serving. If you can figure out how to take the good parts of what you do, the inspirational parts and separate them out from what is not inspiring; you’re on the right track.

When you’re feeling inspired, it will resonate with others. Those feelings set off vibrations in others that compel them to work with you or repel them from being around you. They may not know it, but it’s just an uneasy feeling.

Your clients feel inspired by you when you help them feel successful and fabulous about themselves, their work or their organization. You light them up. When they feel inspired, it activates possibilities and transformation in their lives. If they feel uninspired, they do nothing to uplevel their business or their lives.

Create your work to first inspire you, then it will inspire others. Power and passion resonate from inspirational people. Mediocrity and busy work resonate from uninspired workers. What are you doing to inspire yourself, inspire your team, inspire your clients?

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Put Your Purpose to Work: FREE Interactive Training

April 27, 2010 | Posted in Leading Hartfully, Living Hartfully | By

Are you doing ‘work you love’ – work that you believe is your “purpose” but you’re not making much – if any money at it? Or maybe you’re stuck in the “daily grind” doing meaningless work just to pay the bills – and it’s sucking you dry.

If you’re like me,  you love to feel the juice of being PAID for work you love, to be PAID for you PASSIONS – and making enough money to live the life you want to live! I’ve known since college that doing work you love, what’s in your heart is the way to go. Meaningless work just for the paycheck never held attraction for me. I’ve personally walked the path of passion and profit for most of my life, and have also walked off the path a few times just for the cash flow or for the shiny object of opportunity. It kills your soul and it doesn’t work for long.

What I discovered from  Baeth, was that I indeed was walking mostly on my right path. It just felt right. She told me what was written in my fingerprints, what is written in all our fingerprints, our life purpose. It gave me validation and expanded my awareness of EXACTLY what it was I am supposed to do with my life.

She not only divulges your purpose, but your life lessons – the thing(s) that hold you back, kicks your ass,  challenges you,  so when it shows up you recognize it and move around it. She helps you chart your course, so you know when you’re on the right path. Once you are on purpose, the Universe conspires in your favor.

You may also be in an extremely RARE CATEGORY – you are doing work that you love (or at least once loved) and are getting paid for it.  BUT you may have nagging desire for MORE alignment with who you really are, MORE IMPACT in the world – MORE Purpose.

You can release yourself from the bondage of not enough money, or working only for money, or feeling stuck once you you connect with one of the most brilliant teachers of authentic success I have yet to come across – Baeth Davis, founder of Baeth has created a SHORT VIDEO that will identify if you have any of the 7 Early Warning Signs of Being Stuck in Meaningless Work. Baeth has also created an unprecedented, totally FREE content-rich INTERACTIVE ONLINE TRAINING for stepping out of stuck, broke and meaningless once and for all.

Not Knowing the Precise Plan, the Blueprint, for YOUR specific Life Purpose – and, (this is extremely important)  >> > exactly how to use this information to have the success you desire in business and life. Here’s a peek at her work.

Baeth’s brilliant work is based on a system that unlocks the information of your soul in a way that is objective and scientific.  Once you have this information, your life can literally open up to you in ways you cannot even imagine. You’ll CONQUER “broke” on all levels forever and be on your way to authentic success in no time, the kind of success Baeth has created in her own business and life.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss this CONTENT-RICH 3-PART INTERACTIVE TRAINING!

You can join Baeth here for FREE right now, but only for a limited time (the next 7 days in fact) after which it comes down for good. I can whole-heartedly endorse Baeth’s work, as it has unlocked several doors that I didn’t even know existed. Now knowing I am an Artist and Messenger in the Community Spotlight gives me the green light to get my message out, create community and enjoy the spotlight. One of the reasons I just inked a deal for an internet radio show called The Energized Entrepreneur and created aFacebook Group of the same name. It gives you permission.

How much longer will you wait?  You have my permission to check it out –click here. (but only for a limited time!). Here’s to knowing your life purpose and living it for greater passion and profit in your life!

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Beating the Tax System by Being Your Own Boss: Savvy Business Owner’s Secrets to Keep More of What You Make: 30 Tips in 33 Minutes

April 2, 2010 | Posted in Leading Hartfully, Wealthy Woman | By

30 Tax Tips in 33 Minutes – you can’t beat that.

Looking for a better way to hold on to more of your money at tax time? If you’ve ever wondered how you can keep more of what you make or had to pay Uncle Sam at tax time, then this teleclass is for you. If you’re an experienced or emerging entrepreneur, or just pondering the jump into starting your own business, then this session is for you. If you’re not sure why you would take on having your own business, or how it would help you at tax time, this course is for you.

Frank Winn and Gail Hahn are both successful, savvy business owners for many, many years and have learned from some of the best tax professionals on how to keep more money in their pockets at tax time by knowing the rules and using them to their advantage. Nope, they’re not tax professionals themselves, just experiences entrepreneurs who have hired the experts and have learned the ropes over the years.

They will reveal 30 tax tips in 33 minutes so you can reap the benefits of knowing some of the ways you can take legal deductions for your legitimate business expenses. We don’t cross the line; we just snuggle up to it. Loopholes were made to jump through and we will reveal to you 30 strategies you can save more on your tax bill. Of course there are about 60,000 pages of tax code – we’re just divulging some of the biggies where you can benefit if you have a business of your own. We’re in it to win it with our own business and we want you to join the entrepreneurial revolution and beat the tax system.

So if you’re just thinking about starting your own business or have one and want to turbo-charge your tax savings, join us for this fast-paced teleclass on Thursday, 8 April at the numbers and times listed below. The call will be 33 minutes of tax tips and if you want to stay with us for another 10 minutes, we will share an easy way to start your own business and claim your piece of the pie as a business owner. Simple, safe, no worries, no pressure – just letting you know we’ve found what CNBC and the E! TV networks have called America’s Best Product. Come see what it’s all about and learn a little something to make your life better too.

The number for this call is 218-339-7777, pin 7668800. Please dial in a few minutes early so we can start on time. The call starts promptly at 6pm Pacific/7pm Mountain/8pm Central and 9pm Eastern on Thursday evening 8 April 2010 in the comfort of your own space.

This call will be recorded. The recording number to access the call after it is completed on 8 April is: 218-339-2487, pin 7668800#, they will ask for the recording number: 0408#

If you want to save 10% on more Tax Reduction Secrets and How to Save Money on Taxes Big Time resources, books, tapes and programs by a former IRS Trainer, CPA and Attorney, use the coupon code:  gailhahn  when you purchase something from The Tax Reduction Institute. Their products make your life less taxing.

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Are You Having a ‘Worth Quake’?

August 18, 2009 | Posted in Leading Hartfully, Living Hartfully, Wealthy Woman | By

I don’t know anybody who isn’t somewhat affected by the economic times, no matter where they live. And it takes courage, foresight, insight, hind-sight and sometimes outta-sight thinking to rise above the noise and keep moving forward to make it better.

In tough times we are being called to cultivate qualities that weren’t there before. Our soul can now develop qualities that couldn’t have unfolded without such times as this. Remember that it takes tons of pressure to make diamonds.  We all react differently under pressure – how are you reacting? How are you pro-acting? How are you acting in the face of some large or small adversity?

Yep, we may have to dial things down, take stock, look around for opportunities and then take action. Take massive action. Action is what produces change and I believe it’s us entrepreneurs who are going to get this economy going again. It also adds to your feelings of worth and energizes you when you can do good and do well and help others do the same.

It’s during these times when mind-shifts happen and when we learn the way of making the universe bigger for all is in giving, it’s when we can give thanks for the qualities that have emerged during the pressure. It’s not always fun, welcomed or enjoyed. Sometimes it sucks….badly….. but often our opportunities come disguised as adversity…. how are you going to look at your circumstances and how are you going to change them for the better? And remember that our net worth is not equal to our self worth   – we’ve all lost some of our net worth lately and thank goodness we didn’t lose our self worth!

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