Your Place of Purpose & Brilliance: the Tingle Test

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Uncovering your brilliance isn’t a puzzle to solve. Rather it’s a puzzle to dis-solve. It’s distilling some of the bigger picture things you do when you’re in flow and identifying precisely what you’re doing when you’re in the zone.  Being in the flow is when time disappears and you’re so caught up in the activity and absorbed mentally, that you don’t notice how much time has passed.

Discovering your brilliance can come as subtle hints. Glimmers of insight are good. Pay attention to how you feel and what you’re doing when you’re firing on all pistons. When you’re operating at optimum brain capacity and the challenge meets your unique skills, but doesn’t overshadow your abilities; you’re in flow.

Identify what you’re doing when you’re in your flow and then dissect it and dissolve it down to the pure activity where your unique knowledge, skills and abilities mesh with your sense of purpose. For instance here’s how it may look: enlightening others to discover their purpose and uplevel their work and their lives. Distilling further using my unique abilities: creating innovative ways to wake people up to themselves and attain further self actualization to better serve others. And even further filtered: as a mentor and messenger – creating artful, fun, experiential methods/activities to incite insight in entrepreneurs and execs to live/work in their potential and purposeful place of brilliance and live fully expressed to improve the world.

Some easy ways to find out if the work you’ve chosen is intersecting your purposeful place of brilliance is the Tingle Test. Do you get tingles of excitement when you think about your current business or does it leave you flat? Do you feel energized or exhausted from your work? Does time fly or does it drag on when you’re doing your work? Are you feeling success or strife and struggle? Do you feel fulfilled or frustrated? Are you feeling more or less fully expressed when you’re finished doing your work each day?

If you need guidance in figuring out your place of purpose and brilliance; I can help you uncover your purpose through a scientific method that was put in your hands – your personal GPS, Greater Purpose System. Take the time to write a list of your unique abilities, and the activities when you’re in flow and what you believe to be your purpose and reason for your work. Start the flow of ideas, brainstorm on paper and get the ideas incubating, then contact me to crack the code to your calling and decipher your life purpose to guide you toward the right path so you can pass the Tingle Test.

Your true purpose is in your hands. Send me an email to set up your session which will help you set up your life on the right track. You’ll get two coaching sessions as a jump start to your place of purpose living in the full expression of your brilliance. More later on living at upper levels or lower levels of your capacity.

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Cracking the Code to Your Calling: Unveiling Your Life Purpose

January 16, 2011 | Posted in Leading Hartfully, Living Hartfully, Wealthy Woman | By

Have you ever wondered if you’re on the right path? Doing the work you were put here to do? Do you sometimes feel out of whack with your work or feel like you’re in the wrong job or the wrong place? Is your business lacking the cash flow, clients or customers you want? Are you living your life fully expressed and getting paid to do what you were meant to do?

Perhaps you’re not working in alignment with your true calling? Or what you thought was your life purpose needs to be tweaked to get into the flow? Or maybe you don’t have a clue as to your calling, you just took whatever job was available or your work chose you?

Discover some of the telltale signs that you’re out of alignment at  where we have 70 ways to tell if you’re living inside or outside of your purpose in January’s blog posts. Then join us on our free preview call on how your life purpose can be revealed. It’s all in your own hands. It’s not just what you think and want, it’s your own personal life blueprint mapped out for you even before birth. Let us help you read your blueprint and help you build a life you’ll love as you turn your purpose into prosperity. LIsten to our recorded teleclass at:

You’re in the right place to learn how you can know, really know, your life’s purpose and your true calling. We all have our personal GPS, our Greater Purpose System, in our own hands. Our life’s purpose is literally at our fingertips and we have the scientific technology to be able to access it and crack the code to our true calling. We’re born with it, it never changes and when we’re aligned with it, we experience flow. We have flow of love, money, business, and we are in tune with our life lessons as well as our life purpose. Life just gets easier once you know you’re on the right track. We were put here with all the tools and resources we need to do our Universal Job. And it’s in our own hands.

Join Margaret Shebalin, Prosperity Master, Life Coach, Licensed Practitioner and Life Purpose Analyst  (  along with Gail Hahn, MA, CSP, CEO, Chief Energizing Officer, Speaker, Author and Executive Coach (  as they review what it’s all about on this free preview call, and how you can claim your calling easily and effectively. Together they will cover the four life schools and what they mean.  Find out how you fit into your life school, your life lesson, and learn how you can explore why people buy from you. Are you marketing the right things to the right people and are you in the right business? Come find out what Gail and Margaret have learned from their own journeys after their life purpose was revealed and validated, and learn how you too can crack the code on your calling and move forward with confidence in your calling.

We recorded the call for you at so you can listen to this impactful 37-minute teleclass at : Join us and other thought leaders on Facebook at The Energized Entrepreneur Network Group or at the Facebook Fan Page: Gail Hahn CEO, Chief Energizing Officer if you want to know about living a life fully expressed and getting paid for your purpose. We’ll help you turn your passions and purpose into profits if you follow your right path. Looking forward to helping you crack the code to your calling and sharing our insider secrets to success and significance with you.

Cheers To Your FUNomenal Success!

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Are You in Alignment?

January 13, 2011 | Posted in Leading Hartfully, Living Hartfully, Wealthy Woman | By

Just as your car needs adjustments and realignment when you start feeling vibrations, hearing creaks, feeling rattled as you roll down the highway; so does your body and your life.

You know the feeling of being out of sorts, creaky, cranky, sluggish and slightly out of balance. There are some quick fixes and then there are some root cause interventions. One of my favorite quick fixes is spa time, massage and a chiropractic re-adjustment. It’s incredible how the knots build up and they won’t go away. They need to be worked out or else your body binds up, tightens up and you feel lousy.

Putting your life back into alignment, or getting it there in the first place takes more work, it’s a journey and not a quick fix. One of the main ways to get and stay in alignment is to know how you should be aligned in the first place – with your life purpose, your calling. When we’re doing the work we were put on Earth to do, we’re more in flow and it comes easier. We have clarity and more ease than dis-ease. We’re healthier and less fearful. We just know.

When we’re doing God’s work that we’re supposed to be doing, we have all we need to get it done. We wouldn’t be put here to do a job and not be provided the tools to do it. Cracking the code to your calling just got much easier. It’s scientific. It’s in your hands. It’s in your fingerprints and everybody has their own purpose because everybody has their own unique set of fingerprints.

If you’ve been wondering about what you’re supposed to be when you grow up and how to get re-aligned so you’re doing the right work, your heart work; then contact me for a copy of the preview call

Join me and Margaret Shebalin as we discuss how your life’s work can unfold in the palm of your hand as you discover your life school, your life lesson, what could be holding you back and what the heck you’re supposed to be doing this time around. We’ll be offering a special bonus for our listeners – so stay tuned on how you can claim your spot in Cracking the Code to Your Life Purpose. See you there!

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You Know You’re Not Living Your Life Purpose When…

January 11, 2011 | Posted in Leading Hartfully, Living Hartfully | By

After working with many entrepreneurs, employees and others out of alignment with their life purpose and having experienced it myself from time to time; I decided to share in the Jeff Foxworthy fashion, how you know if you’re not in sync with your calling.

  1. You’re tired all the time event when you get enough sleep
  2. Waking up is hard to do – you hit the snooze button a few too many times
  3. You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’ – not in the mood for that or anything – you’re just blah, flat lined
  4. You or your friends notice your vocal tone has flat lined – there’s no excitement or optimism in it
  5. You don’t feel excited about life or you’re not optimistic about the future
  6. You can’t wait to leave your job each day and get home or can’t wait for the weekend
  7. You collect stuff, have too much stuff or spend too much money on stuff to fill the emptiness inside you
  8. You eat or drink too much, stuff your face with too much stuff to again fill the empty hole inside
  9. You take too many vacations to get away – nothing wrong with vacations, I’m a big fan of them – it’s all in the mindset of wanting to go someplace, explore, recharge, refresh or are you running away to escape from your life or are you getting away to add to your life – are you hiding out or living large?
  10. You hear the words “this is stupid”, “This is insane”, “They should do….” coming out of your mouth way too often
  11. You catch yourself citing all the ways your boss or your organization “should” be doing their work
  12. You are shoulding way too much on yourself and others in your personal or professional life
  13. You’re not making the income you so richly deserve and desire
  14. You feel like somebody or something is holding you back – you could be more, achieve more, do more
  15. You’re mentally and emotionally exhausted all the time – your work doesn’t charge you up, it drains you
  16. You dread Mondays or whatever day of the week is your Monday – you have lower energy on Monday than on Friday
  17. You keep wishing something would happen in your life to make you happy
  18. You’ve been ‘retired’ on the job for the past umpteen years, but you keep showing up for work each day
  19. You just clock in and clock out – you’re physically at work, but mentally you’ve checked out – you only do what they ask of you and not one thing more
  20. You’ve lost the fun in your life and your sense of humor is waning
  21. You’re more of a spectator in life rather than a participant
  22. You’re living in the future too much and not experiencing this moment right now
  23. You feel like you’ve got something to contribute, but not sure what, why or how
  24. You’re feeling stuck and don’t know how to get out or move forward
  25. You lack initiative and drive to do better or do more or serve more
  26. You look forward to your 10-minute break or you live for your lunch hour and quitting time
  27. You wait until you leave your job to lead your life
  28. You only do your job for the paycheck and the money is your only reward
  29. You wear a uniform or a nametag and hate it
  30. You wear an embarrassing costume and you’re not on stage as a performer
  31. You’re constantly being told what to do by incompetent people or somebody in high school as your boss
  32. You’re not working with people you like, trust, are proud to be around
  33. You’re not feeling proud of what you do for a living or taking pride in yourself, your image, your life
  34. You’re not happy and you’re not sure how to fix it or where to turn
  35. You know you need help to get your act together and are too fearful to quit your job or make a change or ask for help

So there you have the tip of the iceberg for starters. If you recognized yourself in any of those scenarios, then you may not be working in alignment with your life purpose. And if you have no idea of what your life purpose is, then you’re in the right place. My colleague Margaret and I have put together an overview in our free teleclass on how to crack the code to your calling. It’s all in your personal DNA – we just help you see it and show you how to use it to your benefit and the benefit of the world.

Contact me for the link to the call Cracking the Code to Your Calling – learning your life purpose.

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Are You Leaving Your Job to Live Your Life?

January 6, 2011 | Posted in Leading Hartfully, Living Hartfully, Wealthy Woman | By

I adore working with entrepreneurs and execs who get it. Those who have found their calling and are living their purpose. Those who are enlightened who have a blurred line between work and play and who wake up excited that they get to be paid for doing what they love. It thrills me to work with those who are discovering their right livlihood and I get very excited to help show them the way to themselves and the work they can do as a full expression of who they are.

Stay tuned for an upcoming special promotion to help you find your true purpose, your life school, your life lessons and your life’s calling. It’s all in your hands and with the help of a colleague and myself, we can help you find your right path on your journey from success to signifacance. I’ve experienced it myself and it was a true validation that what I’m doing as an Artist and Messenger in the Community Spotlight is the right path.

Some of us had an inkling since we were very young. Some of us knew in our gut something about what we wanted to do in our lives and some of us are still searching or not sure how to listen to our intuition that guides us in the right direction. What I found was the affirmation that what I loved doing, speaking, writing, communicating, teaching and leading and creating community within a group was right on target. Sometimes just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you should be doing it.

What I’ve learned while working with those that are not yet enlightened, or those in the world of  the employee mentality is that most of the world’s workers need to leave their job to lead their life. So many millions of workers just endure their job instead of enjoy their work.  They live for their 10-minute break, they can’t wait for their 30-minute lunch, they RUN to their cars at the end of their shif to get away from their job. Their eyes are dull, they’re just enduring the hours until they can go. It’s very sad. They can’t start living until they leave their post. It’s deadening, it’s draining and it hurts to see it and experience it. I’ve experienced it myself when I’m not working my right livlihood. When I’m not around higher-energy people or higher-vibrating environments. I can feel the energy, or lack thereof. I can sense it immediately when walking into a workplace of a client. Sometimes I wonder how they stay in business with such dead energy. I’m always up for a challenge to help them turn things around.

What I decided in college while comisserating with one of my fellow recreation majors when we realized our chosen major didn’t pay as well we the engineering majors or business school grads; was that I would rather be happy every day of my life than unhappy for 5 days a week so I could be happy for 2 days per week. I knew right then to make my life’s work fun, enjoyable, in alignment with my purpose in order to be fufilled, prosperous and engaged.

When we’re not in alighment, not engaged, not plugged into the purpose of what we’re doing,  it’s draining on all parts of our life. Are you in alignment with your calling? Are you working your life’s work so it feels more like play? Is the line blurred between your work and the rest of your life? I knew there was really no line between the two when I was running outdoor recreation trips across Europe, Aftrica and Asia for a decade. I got paid to play and take others on adventures. They paid and took vacation leave to do what I was being paid overtime to do. When I took vacations, I would do the exact same thing as when I was working – take my friends on trips and wild adventures to foreign lands. That’s when you know you’re on the right path – do you still live while you’re on the job? Are you feeling fully expressed when you work or do you wait to clock out to do that?

If you’re not getting paid to express your full, authentic knowledge, skills, abilities and talents, then why not? If you’re still seeking your calling or wondering about your purpose, then send me an email at and we’ll schedule a session and tune you into our upcoming program. If you’re just wondering what’s it all about, Alfie, then send me an email and stay tuned for more details on living your life’s purpose and how you can find out precisely what it is. It’s all in your hands and has been your entire life. My colleague and I can help you crack the code on your life’s purpose. Let us show you how.

If you’re dreading mornings, if you physically feel your energy draining away as you drive closer to work, if you hate your commute, feel a surge of energy when you leave your workplace, become more vibrant as you clock out, then you have the warning signs that you’re not leading the right life. If you’re working witout purpose and just for a paycheck, then you’re not working on purpose. If you’re more excited about your time off than your time in, then you may need to re-check your purpose. We can help you find your right path.

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Your Life Purpose is in Your Hands – Decode it Now

July 28, 2010 | Posted in Leading Hartfully, Living Hartfully, Wealthy Woman | By

I’m excited to tell you about an incredible experience available to you!  Baeth Davis, aka “The Palm Pilot for the Soul of Your Business,”(tm) is a hand analyst who provides NON-predictive, scientific hand-analysis for spirit-rich entrepreneurs to help them identify their spiritual business blueprint from their hands!

This experience is NOT to be missed!

You will discover your Life Purpose -the reason you are here on the planet AND your Life Lesson – which triggers the core fears that can get in the way of your progress.  Baeth will show you how to  break through your blocks so you can get paid for your passions, claim your fame and BE the change you want to see in the world.

Let me know if you have any questions  about this life-changing experience! I was skeptical at first, but after interviewing several friends who had gained Baeth’s insightful guidance and after hearing one of my mentors who charges $25K – $1M per person for his coaching sessions requires his mentees to have a session with Baeth before he will event accept them into his coaching programs. That’s when I knew I had to do it to validate what I’d believed most of my life to be my purpose.

Knowing your true life’s purpose is the key to the kingdom, the combination to the vault, your compass for pointing you in the direction to do what you were put here to do. When we are acting in alignment with our purpose and doing what we are supposed to be doing, the Universe conspires in our favor and life becomes easier. It’s when we get the bright, shiny object syndrome, running around chasing the wrong things that life gets out of hand and doesn’t work for us. We know when we’re off track.

Only after having a session with Baeth, then attending her Life Purpose Summit, did it all really click that I was, in fact, on the right path as an Artist and Messenger in the Community Spotlight. Creativity is like oxygen to me, I need it to live as a fully expressed individual and I need audiences for my written and spoken word, need to be in the spotlight to share insights and inspiration with the world. I create community to bring like-minded people together and help them fully express themselves and enable their potential. It’s all in my hands – something I intuitively knew to be true. It just felt right and when I went off path to chase other opportunities, things didn’t work out so much. I know what Baeth gives us is a true gift.

Do you consider yourself a “conscious” or perhaps a “spiritually-minded” entrepreneur?   If yes, I am super jazzed to pass on a call series from none other than Baeth Davis.  You might know Baeth – she’s the “Palm Pilot for the Soul of your Business(TM), and one amazing entrepreneur!  Baeth has created a 5-call series specifically to show you how to discover your unique Passions, People and Platform so you can Summit your business and your life.

The call series is totally free and runs now through August.   Calls that are complete are available for instant download – no waiting – including the call everyone is talking about: “Discover Your Unique Media Path”.

Register now to reserve your spot on Baeth’s calls or schedule a session:

You will also hear a bit more about the entrepreneurial event of the season, Baeth’s Life Purpose Summit happening in just a few weeks.

I’ve experienced so much growth personally from Baeth’s insightful guidance and I hope you can too. She can steer you in your right direction if you don’t have a clue as to why you’re here, or validate your true calling if you already have an inkling. You’ll learn about your life school, your life purpose and your life lessons (Those bugaboos that bite you in the back and are always the core of what’s holding you back.)

Once you learn your life lesson, you can recognize it when it keeps showing up, acknowledge it and strategize ways to work through it or around it. I can’t say enough about what you’ll learn from Baeth’s session and her summit. It truly is a life-changing experience that can knock years off your learning curve and keep you from ambling through life without feeling ‘this is it, this is what I’m supposed to be doing’.  Knowing your lessons, your school and your purpose make all the difference in the world to put more meaning into your work and your life, because our work is supposed to be all about expressing our true purpose. That’s what it’s all about.

Register now to reserve your spot on Baeth’s  five freecalls or to schedule a hand reading with her:

To Your FUNomenal  Success!

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Merging Money, Meaning & Life Purpose: Free Training Course

May 2, 2010 | Posted in Leading Hartfully, Living Hartfully, Wealthy Woman | By

Thanks to Baeth Davis’s incredible F.R.E.E. INTERACTIVE TRAINING, thousands of entrepreneurs are now aware of their major blind spot (there are 14 Life Lessons in all) that has been holding them back from achieving what they desire most: Profits AND Purpose in business!
You can still grab the training here before it comes down for good: get it here
These tutorials are NOT downloadable and are only available for 4 more days.  Frankly, we did not expect the turnout, so to make sure that YOU get an opportunity to have ALL your questions answered, Baeth is going to make herself available for a LIVE (yes, that is LIVE, not a replay) Q & A plus HOT SEAT experience.
Why? Because Baeth is committed to doing whatever it takes to help you discover that ‘Yes’ you can say ‘good bye’ to meaningless work and not enough money once and for all.  She’s done it and she’s shown me how to do it through revealing my life purpose, my life lesson, and she can show you how too.
My life purpose is Artist and Messenger in the Community Spotlight. Now that I know that, had what I already knew to be true, validated by my fingerprints as Baeth analyzed, I know that I’m on the right path.
If you’re in struggle, strife or feel stuck, stymied or just plain sick and tired of what you’ve been doing – it may be that you shouldn’t be doing it at all. Baeth can help you get out of your meaningless work forever and live and work your purpose.
I encourage you to join the training and receive the information to access the Q/A Hot Seat experience here.  If you’ve been participating in this ONE-TIME ONLY, 3-PART INTERACTIVE TRAINING that Baeth has been sharing, you are likely already experiencing shifts in your business.  I’ll show you how to gain access to all THREE of them, totally  FREE.
There are three free training videos in addition to the live Twitter chat. In the third video Baeth identifies what is wrong if you’re not attracting IDEAL clients. Chances are it’s due to one thing. Your prospective clients have no idea WHAT you’re talking about or WHY they should listen to you! That’s right. When you are not crystal clear on Your Purpose, your core message is muddy, unclear and comes across as just a bunch of meaningless “blah, blah, blah”.
I have GREAT news for you! Baeth shows you a little-known method for identifying the CORE MESSAGE and BRAND PROMISE of your business for your clients. In this totally free, interactive training, Baeth will show you how to IDENTIFY this message and promise and WHY you MUST know this information to take your business to the next level; to merge Money AND Meaning. Please. Will you join Baeth and me for this extraordinary and valuable experience?
This training is PURE content and waiting for you to put into action in your business. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re on the right track in your business or your life, this is one amazing way to find out. If you’ve been wanting validation that what you’re doing is what you should be doing, this information is for you. If you’ve ever wished you could find somebody to help guide you and show you the way and help you uncover what it is you’re supposed to be doing, Baeth is the person who has the methodology to uncover what purpose is in your hands.
P.S. THOUSANDS now have money AND meaning in their businesses who never thought they could.  When will you join the ranks of the authentically successful?  How about now?  Here’s that link again.
PPS: And don’t forget, your enrollment in the 3-part training will also get you access to the Monday night Q/A Hot Seat experience!  Your business and life will never be the same.

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Put Your Purpose to Work: FREE Interactive Training

April 27, 2010 | Posted in Leading Hartfully, Living Hartfully | By

Are you doing ‘work you love’ – work that you believe is your “purpose” but you’re not making much – if any money at it? Or maybe you’re stuck in the “daily grind” doing meaningless work just to pay the bills – and it’s sucking you dry.

If you’re like me,  you love to feel the juice of being PAID for work you love, to be PAID for you PASSIONS – and making enough money to live the life you want to live! I’ve known since college that doing work you love, what’s in your heart is the way to go. Meaningless work just for the paycheck never held attraction for me. I’ve personally walked the path of passion and profit for most of my life, and have also walked off the path a few times just for the cash flow or for the shiny object of opportunity. It kills your soul and it doesn’t work for long.

What I discovered from  Baeth, was that I indeed was walking mostly on my right path. It just felt right. She told me what was written in my fingerprints, what is written in all our fingerprints, our life purpose. It gave me validation and expanded my awareness of EXACTLY what it was I am supposed to do with my life.

She not only divulges your purpose, but your life lessons – the thing(s) that hold you back, kicks your ass,  challenges you,  so when it shows up you recognize it and move around it. She helps you chart your course, so you know when you’re on the right path. Once you are on purpose, the Universe conspires in your favor.

You may also be in an extremely RARE CATEGORY – you are doing work that you love (or at least once loved) and are getting paid for it.  BUT you may have nagging desire for MORE alignment with who you really are, MORE IMPACT in the world – MORE Purpose.

You can release yourself from the bondage of not enough money, or working only for money, or feeling stuck once you you connect with one of the most brilliant teachers of authentic success I have yet to come across – Baeth Davis, founder of Baeth has created a SHORT VIDEO that will identify if you have any of the 7 Early Warning Signs of Being Stuck in Meaningless Work. Baeth has also created an unprecedented, totally FREE content-rich INTERACTIVE ONLINE TRAINING for stepping out of stuck, broke and meaningless once and for all.

Not Knowing the Precise Plan, the Blueprint, for YOUR specific Life Purpose – and, (this is extremely important)  >> > exactly how to use this information to have the success you desire in business and life. Here’s a peek at her work.

Baeth’s brilliant work is based on a system that unlocks the information of your soul in a way that is objective and scientific.  Once you have this information, your life can literally open up to you in ways you cannot even imagine. You’ll CONQUER “broke” on all levels forever and be on your way to authentic success in no time, the kind of success Baeth has created in her own business and life.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss this CONTENT-RICH 3-PART INTERACTIVE TRAINING!

You can join Baeth here for FREE right now, but only for a limited time (the next 7 days in fact) after which it comes down for good. I can whole-heartedly endorse Baeth’s work, as it has unlocked several doors that I didn’t even know existed. Now knowing I am an Artist and Messenger in the Community Spotlight gives me the green light to get my message out, create community and enjoy the spotlight. One of the reasons I just inked a deal for an internet radio show called The Energized Entrepreneur and created aFacebook Group of the same name. It gives you permission.

How much longer will you wait?  You have my permission to check it out –click here. (but only for a limited time!). Here’s to knowing your life purpose and living it for greater passion and profit in your life!

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