Make a living through giving, achieve greatness through gratitude, and reach out in kindness to grow your network and net worth. turbo-charges your business and relationships with custom cards and gifts. Send out positive energy to attract the same.

Just like Amazon did for books, Netflix did for video rentals and iTunes did for music; Send Out Cards is doing for the card-sending and gifting industry. I’ve been using this amazing system of custom card sending for over a decade and I can tell you that sending over 10,000 cards of appreciation really changes your mindset and your energy.

You create the cards and send the gifts from your computer, and our company prints the cards, stamps the envelope and mails it within 24 hours for you anywhere in the world.  We know that appreciation wins over self-promotion every single time. Try it for free and send a card on me at

I love this simple, easy system of offering gratitude back to the Universe through cards and gifts of appreciation. What are you doing to acknowledge your clients, colleagues, customers, friends and family? Connect with others in custom cards and gifts in a click with your handwriting, your signature, your words and your pictures. Send your own customized cards or postcards or send gourmet goodies, gift cards and gift baskets to create positive energy in your life and the lives of others, because what we send out comes back to us exponentially.

Send Out Cards is reinventing the card sending business by making the system easy, affordable and convenient. Be mentored by an Executive Coach who is an independent distributor with Send Out Cards. You can send your own personal card in just a few minutes and an automatic video will show you how, or contact me at Gaia at GaiaHart dot com to walk you through it.

Benefits of Keeping Up Connections:

  1. You lose 10% of your influence for every month you don’t keep in contact with your database = 100% loss of influence in less than a year.
  2. The cost of a card is much less than the cost of losing a customer or other connections to friends, family, colleagues and clients.
  3. Creating customized cards with your own handwriting engages the heart, while digital printing engages the head. Putting the heart back into your personal and professional life can generate growth at all levels.
  4. Personalized Executive Coaching on how to motivate, communicate and connect with others to grow your network and your net worth. Gain access to other coaches for additional insights into winning the game of REALationship marketing.
  5. One of man’s greatest needs is the need to feel valued, loved and appreciated. Sending your energy through the postal service fills that need to make someone’s day.

Contact me at  Gaia at GaiaHart dot com to set up your appointment and strategize your success, or visit to  send some cards as a personal gift to you. You can use this online system of sending real cards and gifts through the mail to help grow your business through relationship marketing or you can use it as an income additive to your current business. It’s completely up to you how you use this simple system.