August 4, 2016 | Posted in: Leading Hartfully

When employees do not feel empowered, nor energized by an organization (or their boss), they fly the coop. These are some signs that may point to the exit door for you or your colleagues. If you notice anything familiar, you may want to take a look at your morale-boosting programs:

  • You are no longer learning – when there is little personal or professional growth left, it’s time for a new challenge.
  • You feel sick and tired or a sense of dread and fatigue along with possible headaches, colds can be a physical sign of unhappiness at work.
  • You just don’t care – when we get to “I don’t care”, our soul dies and we need to find soul food elsewhere.
  • You’ve strayed from your path and find yourself in a place that was meant to be temporary, but just got convenient. Just because you have the skills and aptitude for a job doesn’t mean you should necessarily be doing it.
  • Your quality of life is suffering or your work is infringing on too much of your personal life.
  • Take a look at your options – would a flex-schedule solve some of your problems, a new job in a different department, or a new industry?
  • Take the tingle test – if you talk about your current job out loud – do you get the chills of excitement talking about it? What gives you the tingles when you think about making a living at it?


4 tips to retain your external customers:

  • Ensure your customers can get what they want without leaving your facility or website – build an unbeatable bundle of products and services for one-stop shopping and be willing to customize to their needs.
  • Don’t forget incentives for customers as well as employees. Baby boomers especially like the loyalty cards where they earn special treatment. Frequent flier miles are like Pokeman for adults. Offer a gift, discounts, insider info, or special offers.
  • Create a community of customers and give them additional ways to connect to you and to each other through your website or other events or programs to offer service after the sale.
  • Be available when your customers need you, give a 100% satisfaction guarantee (Fun*cilitators does this and has not had any requests for refunds.), stand behind your product and services and generate sincere trust amongst your community.

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