June 4, 2015 | Posted in: Leading Hartfully, Living Hartfully, Wealthy Woman


Have you been looking for a proven way to relax, refresh, and renew yourself?  Now there is a way to effortlessly meditate more deeply than a Zen monk, dramatically accelerating the meditation process and create profound changes in your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The Holosync Solution ™ aides in increasing your mind-power and dramatically raises your threshold for stress. You can try this incredible system for an amazing one-year, no-questions asked, money-back guarantee. Check out this dynamic product by Bill Harris. I was in a conference session with the makers of the Holosync system and I was blown away by their research and successful results and you will be too. Backed by a mountain of scientific research—and proven results for thousands of users, our proprietary Holosync audio technology placed on CD’s beneath soothing music and environmental sounds will help you get results faster and with less effort than you ever dreamed possible and it’s all guaranteed.

Here are some of the ways you’ll benefit:

  • Stimulate the creation of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of your brain, balancing your brain and leading you to a high-performance state scientists call “whole brain functioning”.
  • Dramatically improve your learning ability, memory, intuition, creativity, and your ability to focus, concentrate and think more clearly.
  • Create true quantum leaps in your personal self-awareness.
  • Significantly lower your stress levels and lower your levels of harmful brain chemicals related to stress.
  • Create remarkable improvements in your mental and emotional health—even in areas that have stubbornly resisted change with other approaches.
  • Dramatically increase your production of vital (and very pleasurable) brain chemicals related to your longevity, well-being, and quality of life.
  • Test drive it yourself, you’ve got nothing to lose, except some stress….

As the CEO (Chief Energizing Officer) at Hartful Living including GaiaHart.com and BizBuilderCards.com; I’m a Messenger and Mentor for women entrepreneurs, connecting them to their capacity to energize their work and their lives in the art of living Hartfully. At BizBuilderCards.com, you can make a living through giving with greeting cards and gifts to build your network net worth as an additive to your current business or an easy way to send gratitude and kindness to the world.