February 4, 2016 | Posted in: Leading Hartfully, Living Hartfully

According to CCH, Inc. – an HR research firm, the Unscheduled Absence Survey found the number of employees missing work for personal reasons has increased to 21% from 11% last year. Of the 333 human resources executives surveyed, personal illness was cited 33%, with 67% absent due to personal reasons resulting in a cost of $789 million.


The study found that an increase in morale significantly lowers the number of absentees. Organizations with good overall morale has a 1.9% absentee rate while others averaged 2.4%. The more options employees have, the better the morale and the lower the absentee rate. Two of the major things to do this are provide more flexible time off and offer more work/life programs such as childcare, working from home or compressed work weeks.


The top four most cited incentives to keep workers working for you according to a survey of 352 employers by the American Management Association:

  1. Sending employees to conferences and training
  2. Tuition reimbursement
  3. Skills training
  4. Pay for performance

A “new” way to recognize employees: ask them to participate in an important project they might not otherwise work on. Using involvement to reward workers tells them that you value their performance and it provides you with a pool of creative thinkers.


Beat the turnover odds: in the fast food industry with turnover rates close to 100%, one owner explains his staff longevity of 8-10 years at a Chick-Fil-A  is due to his treating them like customers and greeting them daily, talking to them throughout the day, and saying good-bye when they leave.  Talking to them -what a concept!

When the economic times are tough – it’s time to energize employees and make sure you hold on to your top talent. Here are some hints to keep them around:

* Celebrate all the victories, no matter how small

* Look for other incentives besides money – ask them

* Consider changing some work hours – be flexible

* Take more time for personal connections at work

* Don’t focus on the negatives, keep the talk positive

* If business is slow – take the time to do foundational things and create new programs or write personal

notes to staff thanking them for their work – do the things that you normally wouldn’t have time to do

* Keep networking in your industry – invite a colleague

* Create a terrific atmosphere in the break room or the bathrooms to make people feel as if they matter – take care of your team by taking care of their space

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