May 4, 2016 | Posted in: Leading Hartfully

Giving you high-fives with helpful tips in groups of five to handle issues, improve motivation, and inspire your team to get-along and get going. With that, here are several topics with their top five lists:

A helpful tip for managers when confronted with a problem involving people is to ask “why” at least five times in a non-confrontational way such as “Help me understand what happened” instead of “What happened here?” Generally asking “why” five times takes you down the path of:

  1. blame
  2. excuse
  3. symptom
  4. cause
  5. root cause


By digging down a little deeper, you can get past the blame and excuses and focus on the root cause of the problem instead of a surface issue.

  • A study by U-inspire, Inc which revealed the top five motivating methods of over 250 major companies:
  1. communication
  2. growth
  3. respect
  4. leadership
  5. compensation

One of the major findings in the study was the need for organizations to develop a mission statement what conveys the goals of the company and to implement multiple levels of employee recognition programs.


*     In the book Clash of the Generations at Work by Ron Zemke, Claire Raines, and Bob Filipczak, they give a simple 5-point ACORN model for managing and motivating across the generations:

  1.  Accommodate differences
  2.  Create workplace choices
  3.  Operate with sophisticated management style
  4.  Respect competence and initiative
  5.   Nourish retention


*     In keeping with the theme of fives in this post, think of yourself as a 5-pointed star. To keep your star shining brightly, follow these five easy tips from Sharing Ideas Magazine:

  1. Take care of your inner self and outer body.
  2. Shepherd thoughts that enter your mind.
  3. Care for your emotions and relationships with loving-kindness.
  4. Be on-purpose in how you invest, give, and spend your money.
  5. Be forgiving and grateful for the unlimited spirit of love that keeps you energized to serve others.

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