December 8, 2014 | Posted in: Living Hartfully

Instead of the 12 days of Christmas, we’re talking about the 12 Qualities of Happiness as referenced in the book What Happy People Know. Happiness flows as a by-product from these qualities and is a much more positive by-product than those we are generally used to. Cultivate the following qualities and you will also be cultivating happiness. The more qualities you embrace; the more happiness springs forth and the more fear is pushed out of your life.

  1. Love is the opposite of fear both emotionally and neurologically. The antidote to fear is love and is the first step towards happiness.
  2. Optimism provides power over painful events and offers power over fear of the future and over regret for the past.
  3. Courage overcomes fear and helps you rise above the situation. Both fear and courage are pre-programmed into the neocortex of our brains. Courage is the quality that helps us survive and thrive.
  4. Freedom of choice
  5. Be Proactive and participate in your own destiny – create your future and your legacy.
  6. Security in who you are no matter what. Security in knowing that nothing lasts and that security is an inside job – not anything extrinsic which can be lost at any minute.
  7. Health and happiness are interdependent – we need both to sustain the other.
  8. Spirituality and the tranquility it brings to not be concerned about death but more concerned about not living fully.
  9. Altruism aids in giving you purpose and getting outside yourself – giving vs. getting mind-set.
  10.  Perspective to see shades of gray and having the sense to turn problems into possibilities by not losing sight of the big picture in bad times.
  11. Sense of Humor to help shift our perspective.
  12. Sense of Purpose and knowing why you’re here on Earth. Doing the things you were meant to do. Did you know that we are all born with a life purpose? It is established in our fingerprints in utero and can be deciphered so you know exactly what you are supposed to be doing. If you’re interested in having a reading and knowing your true purpose through your personal GPS (Genetic Purpose System), contact me for details:

So why not cultivate these characteristics over the next few weeks. Why not take on some of them as your New Year’s challenge and see what happens next. I’m guessing a bit of happiness will come your way.

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